What should be noticed when running to lose weight

  1. Necessary warm-up. Warm up before running must not be less, especially in winter, warm-up can not only make you feel relaxed when running, but also reduce the possibility of injury. The warm-up before running is generally 5-10 minutes. You can stretch your legs, turn your ankles, twist your waist and so on. Or simply take a step first and warm up your body with a brisk walk and jog, feeling slightly sweating.
  2. Jogging should control the running time properly. Generally speaking, it’s better to run five or more times a week. Control a run in 40-60 minutes, less than 40 minutes can not achieve the purpose of burning fat, more than 60 minutes, leg muscle is easy to grow. Therefore, it is also very important to control the running time.

What time period should you choose to lose weight by running

Try not to run in the morning. Many of us may think that running in the morning is a good time, but it’s not. The air quality in the morning is a poor stage of the day, especially in the foggy morning. And the body just woke up from sleep in the morning, is not suitable for doing high-intensity exercise.

  1. The suitable time for running in a day is 5-6pm, because this time is the time when the human body’s motor cells and metabolism are active. The second is 8-9 p.m., which is suitable for people. Generally, it takes 2-3 hours after dinner. If you go running at this time, it can play a very good effect on consuming excess calories and fat. Running at night can also improve the quality of sleep and make you more energetic the next day.
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