Neurasthenia, also known as neurasthenic neurosis, is a neurosis with weak brain and body functions. People with neurasthenia and insomnia can be conditioned in the following ways:

  1. Emotional management, ordinary life and work encounter things do not worry, do not produce too much psychological pressure, learn to relax, relieve pressure, maintain a good mood, can reduce neurasthenia, relieve insomnia symptoms.
  2. More outdoor activities, such as walking, jogging, cycling, etc., are conducive to the regulation of nerve function and the improvement of insomnia symptoms.
  3. Can be taken to adjust the nerve drugs, such as vitamin B1, glutamine, can also be used with tranquilizing brain fluid, nourishing serum brain particles, etc., can also relieve neurasthenia, reduce the symptoms of insomnia, usually should pay attention to the regular work and rest time, go to bed and get up on time.

Mental weakness needs attention: Patients with first recommends eating high protein, high vitamin and delicate food, such as fish, eggs, milk, lean meat, chicken and duck, hard fruits and vegetables, fruit and food, advice to eat more lily, red jujube, longan, mulberry, wheat, lotus seed, walnut, etc are nourishing the heart, calm the mind, promote sleep foods, for example, drink a cup of hot milk before sleeping can promote sleep. Secondly, avoid spicy, irritating and warm food, such as pepper, pepper, dried ginger, fried and barbecue food, before going to bed to avoid excitement, drink more water, drink coffee, strong tea and other exciting drinks, avoid alcohol as far as possible, prohibit alcohol.

Finally insist on physical exercise and physical labor, such as broadcasting gymnastics, tai chi and yoga, help eliminate fatigue, relieve anxiety and reasonable arrangement work and rest time, develop routines of daily life, in a planned way of work and study, work and rest and relax living habits, should also learn to rational use of the brain, appropriate adjustments to work, study and life rhythm, avoid excessive stress.

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